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Introducing The Nexus 16 Radio Tower

The Nexus 16 is an innovative and versatile radio communications tower that is rapidly deployable to remote locations and for critical sectors. Contained within the dimensions of a standard 20-foot shipping container, it houses a walk-in equipment room, battery reserves, solar arrays, and generators to create a fully self-contained communications solution.

Able to be transported by any truck that accommodates a 20-foot container, the Nexus 16 promises exceptional adaptability. It can load and unload itself and smoothly adapt to uneven or sloping terrain. Then, within the span of just 30 minutes, it can deploy its robust, cyclone-rated 16m radio tower - all contributing to its unparalleled efficiency and utility in the field.

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Radio Tower Technology

The robust Nexus 16 radio tower is enhanced by our ever developing technological advancements, improving the efficiency, range and effectiveness of its communication capabilities.

CiNet Network Management

CiTech have developed our own CiNet network management system to provide seamless integration with the Nexus 16 mobile antenna tower. CiNet provides encrypted and secure remote data collection.

Resources Sector

Safety of workers and operational efficiency are critical success factors for the 21st century mine operators. This sector needs to leverage the very best in safe, powerful and reliable radio communications technology that CiTech designs and delivers.

Enhanced Safety

Our Nexus 16 rapidly deployable radio towers can quickly provide communication networks in remote or hard-to-reach locations without the need for trained riggers.

Increased Efficiency

With reliable communication networks, workers can quickly and easily access information and resources, enabling them to work more efficiently and productively.

Cost Savings

Nexus 16 telecommunication radio towers can save the resources and mining industry money in the long run by reducing the need for permanent infrastructure, or a large fleet of communications trailers.

Emergency Services

Our rapidly deployable Nexus 16 radio towers can quickly restore public communications and other vital services in under an hour, wherever and whenever they are needed.

Rapid Deployment

In emergency situations, such as natural or man made disasters or terrorist attacks, quickly establishing reliable communication networks is critical, making the Nexus 16 essential.

Improved Coordination

Effective coordination is vital for emergency responders, establishing clear lines of communication with mobile antenna towers to coordinate their emergency services efforts more efficiently.

Safety & Security

Reliable communication networks ensure the safety and security of responders, enabling them to stay connected with each other and with the central command, receiving necessary updates.


CiTech develops fully self-contained and rapidly deployable assets capable of supporting a wide variety of critical equipment payloads like communications and radar to enhance battlefield effectiveness.

Operational Flexibility

The mobility and flexibility of rapidly deployable radio towers enable the defence sector to establish communication infrastructure in remote or hostile environments, quickly and effectively.

Remote Monitoring

Rapidly deployable telecommunication towers can be equipped with sensors, remote monitoring capabilities and mobile antennas, allowing defence personnel to monitor critical infrastructure or areas remotely.

Rapid Deployment

The Nexus 16 radio tower can be transported quickly and easily to different locations, enabling the defence sector to establish communication infrastructure rapidly in response to changing situations or threats.

Leading The Way

All industries, Government, Military and society are becoming more and more dependent on their communications and power systems to provide critical services, protect lives and improve operating efficiencies. Communications and supporting infrastructure such as rapidly deployable radio towers have become critical enablers for all.

Whilst fixed infrastructure providers (carrier and private) have seen a step function in expansion, the mobile or rapidly deployable sector has fallen way behind – effectively constraining the capability of modern communication systems and the organisations they serve.

CiTech is designing and manufacturing a range of very high-capacity mobile antenna tower platforms that can support a wide variety of technology payloads allowing organisations to fully realise the benefits that modern technologies can offer.

Our Experienced Team

The CiTech team is backed by an experienced management and production team that continually develop and revolutionise mobile radio tower technology. Meet a few of our team members below.

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